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Guide On Buying Scented Candles Online

Buying scented candles online can be intimidating. This article will help you understand the difference between scented candles and make your decision easier.

Relaxation and stress relief. These are the 2 biggest reasons why everyone buys scented candles. Not only it smells good, it serves as a great companion during late nights too.

Maybe you had previously bought candles once or twice in-stores. But nowadays, you can just choose out your candles online and get them delivered to your door-step. If this sounds like an unfamiliar concept to you, don't worry. In this article, we will be guiding you through what you need to know before buying scented candles online.


The main difference between how scented candles are made comes down to 3 components. The wax, the wick and the fragrance. These 3 things are basically what you will need to look out for other than the appearance of the candle.

1. Different Types Of Candle Waxes

One of the main difference between scented candles in the market is the type of wax they're made from. 2 of the most common ones you might find is paraffin wax candles or soy wax candles.

Common candles that you may find in most commercial stores today are made from paraffin wax. They are offered at a much more cheaper price tag but when burned, they emit black soot and toxic fumes. This is because paraffin wax is made from by-product of petroleum.  


However, as the world burn more and more candles, consumers also start to become more eco-conscious. Most candle owners now prefer soy wax candles, a more safer and eco-friendly vegetable wax alternative derived from hydrogenated soy beans.

Ideally, you might also want to opt for soy candles as they offer a more cleaner and longer burn.


2. Different Types Of Wicks

When you light up a candle, the wick does all the work to melt the candle and release fragrance particles into the air that we can enjoy.

So it's obvious that the wick is one of the most important components in the candles. One of the most common types of wicks are cotton-wicks. But you may also find wooden wick candles that lets off a soft and comforting crackling sound, if that's something you like. 

Difference Between Cotton Wicks & Wooden Wicks

Either way, make sure that the candles you're planning to buy uses lead-free wicks. Lead are commonly found in cheaper wicks and can cause soot when burning, even in soy candles.


3. Different Types Of Fragrances

Fragrance is what makes the candle unique. You may find a company that uses the exact same wax and wicks, but it's definitely hard to find candles that produces the same aroma. 

Some candle companies (like ourselves) uses premium blends of fragrance oils to formulate candles. It's the fragrances used in the candles that makes a candle unique!


You may also noticed that some companies uses fragrance oils while others uses essential oils. What's the difference?

Well, fragrance oils is formulated in the lab. Meaning it's synthetic and specially formulated for candles. Essential oils on the other hand are a more natural option, but you can just never be sure about how they will perform in candles.

Just keep in mind that fragrances makes up only around 6-12% of the entire candle. So you decide which ones suit you best.


How Can I Know What My Candles Are Made From?

That's easy. Most candle companies are very transparent with what ingredients they use in their candles. You can surely find more information on their website or contact their customer service. 

The less ingredients there is within the candle, the better. Ideally, you want to buy candles that suits your liking and also burns clean. You don't want to have candles that are made from nasty chemicals burning all day in your home, right?

So be sure to be a smart candle owner and check before you buy.

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Barn & Jones is a candle company that sells natural soy wax candles. We offer our candles in 7 different unique scents that are inspired by memories, places and travel. Our candles are made from natural soy wax, cotton-based wicks and premium-fine fragrances.

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