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The Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Holiday gifts everyone would want to unwrap this holiday! Here's our 8 best picks and where you can find them, just in time for the holidays.

If you’re someone that hates boring gifts, you’ve come to the correct place. We’ve put together a list of the 8 best holiday gifts that anyone will want to unwrap this year! So, read on if you're looking to make your holiday gift much more meaningful to your special someone.

1. Scented Candles

scented candles

We predict that next year will be a big year for self-care! That’s why scented candles are the perfect gift for couples, co-workers, friends and family. Nothing says be happy and take it easy more than with relaxing scents. 

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2. Jewelry

 el-jo malaysia

Jewelry such as rings, bracelets or necklaces can make your gift more memorable. Your gift might possible going to be on their finger everyday. A great way to commemorate both love or friendship.

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3. Class Passes

B.est Mind and Body Studio

Class Passes could also be a great way to set up a date! Especially now when gyms and studios are finally opening back up. Nothing is better than a yoga session, pottery classes or even baking classes. This would be a good opportunity to start the year with new experiences!

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4. Vinyl Records

Swee Lee Malaysia

Turntables have become a thing again. If one of your close ones has it, you should consider getting them something they would really like! Surprising them with an album from their favorite band might just show how well you know and care about them.

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5. House Plants

In-door plants serve as a good gift for people starting a new phase in their life; new job, moving to a new home, new career, etc. Plants symbolize growth and responsibility. Plus, you’ll probably have the most unique gift at the party.

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6. Perfumes

Love is in the air. Romantic couples can consider getting their significant other their own unique scent. It’s also the perfect gift for someone that’s out-going as they might appreciate it more during work, events or parties.

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7. Chocolates

Confectionery as a gift will never go wrong. Everyone needs some sweetness in their life sometime. Have them wrapped up neatly and they would make happiness in a box. The absolute perfect ‘cheer-me-up’ for those who have been feeling a little down lately.

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8. Wine

Vyne Malaysia

Who doesn’t love the person that brings wine? It’s a great conversation starter for small gatherings with friends and family. Also, perfect for someone you know that appreciates the finer things in life.

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You’re now one step further in your quest for the perfect gift. But remember, ‘you’ are important too. Don’t forget to get yourself something too. Congratulate yourself on all of your hard work this year. Wishing you a happy holiday ahead!

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