Choose Your Candle Scents Like A Pro

Read about candle scents and how to choose them to fit your preferrences.

This may be the most important question when it comes to buying candles online. We get a lot of inquiries from time to time on how to choose the perfect candle scent. In this article, we would like to help you understand some basic candle science so you get a better idea on what to look out for.

fragrance oils vs essential oils

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1. Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils

If you're looking to buy scented candles, you will most often come across these terms.

In candle making, essential oils refers to scents that are made naturally from plants & fruits extracts. While fragrance oils are lab-made scents specially designed for candle making. 

Essential oils are known to be a more natural choice among candle users. However, there are some reasons we don't use them in our candles. Basically, using essential oils in candles would be a big waste as they burn off or evaporate quite easily by the candle flames. Some might even find that essential oil candles tend to lose their scents after a few burns. Leaving you with half a jar of unscented candles. 

Fragrance oils on the other hand, tend to lasts longer, has better scent throw, features a wider variety of aromas and are definitely safer to use in candles. Fragrance oils may also be infused with essential oils for different combination of scents.


2. What are Phthalates?

Now if you have bought one of our candles, you might see phthalate-free fragrance oils on our labels. This basically means our fragrance oils does not contain ANY phthalates. 

Phthalates are chemicals used in cheaper fragrance oils to extend the aromatic strength of the candle fragrance oil. They are most commonly found on commercial shampoo, cosmetics and candles. These chemicals also act as binding agents and make plastics flexible. Hence, it is harmful for our health.

So, remember to always choose phthalate-free fragrances for your candles. Especially if you have young children or pets living with you.  


3. Fragrance Family

Although there are many subgroups of fragrance types, candles can be mainly classified into 4 main fragrance family. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between florals, oriental, woody and fresh fragrances.

While a certain candle may include a variety of scents from different fragrance families, the classification of which fragrance family it will belong to will be based on which element is the strongest or most dominant scent. 

Your Guide to the Fragrance Wheel |

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4. Scent Notes

When you're settled on what fragrance family your candle will be, it's time to look more closely on the individual scent notes. Basically, there will be top notes, middle notes and base notes. These will tell you how the candles will perform during burning.

Top notes are introductory scents revealed at the start of the burn. In most cases, the top notes will be similar to the cold throw of your scented candles.

Middle notes roughly makes up 70% of your candle scent. This will be your fruity, florals or oriental scents. Typically, you would want a candle with a strong middle scent note.

Base notes gives out those rich & heavy scents in your candles. They act as the foundation of your candle scents and can be very long-lasting.

That being said, a good candle is like music. Each different scent notes are combined together to form a symphony. 


So, what will your first candle scent be?

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