The Science Behind Using Candles To Reduce Anxiety

The Science Behind Using Candles To Reduce Anxiety

Soy candles has been proven to be useful on reducing anxiety. Learn more on how soy candles can effect your mind and body.

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Whether it's a relaxing bubble bath or a romantic dinner, none of these are complete without lighting some candles. It's just something that sets the environment and create the mood of the situation. 

The uses of scented candles dates as far as centuries ago to promote healing, energy boost and even mental clarity. Lighting candles can also create a warm and calm environment that helps the mind slow down anxious thoughts.


But how much of these candle science are true?

Thanks for the already-established stereotype, our brains immediately associate candle lights to calm & relaxation. Thus, reducing stress & relieving anxiety. It's essentially built into our minds. 

While it may seem all skeptical and look like an elaborate marketing scheme, you should never underestimate just how powerful your sense of smell may be. Candle scents can stimulate the part of your brain which is directly connected to your memory and mood. The healing properties coming from a lighted scented candle can deliver psychological effects. Enhancing certain mindful activities such as meditation or yoga for better results.


So what are the candle scents that can reduce anxiety?

A few scents that comes to mind known for reducing anxiety and helping the mind relax are:


Lavender - To relax the mind and body

Bay Leaves - Lifts & soothes the mood

Orange - Reduce stress

Lemon - Improves mood

Cinnamon - Refreshes your mind

Peppermint - Improves focus

Vanilla - Uplifts the mood

Sandalwood - Relax & calms the mood

Violet - Reduce stress & induces sleep

White Musk - Soothes the mind


Our Candle Recommendations:

#1 Best Seller - Northern Lights Candle

A comforting mix of lemon, bergamot, winter berries, violet and white musk. Northern Lights is a scent that improves and calms the mood while helps with sleeping. Perfect for bedrooms and relaxation corners.

#2 - Alpine Trails Candle

Fresh and green mix of cucumber, grass, bamboo, sage, patchouli, oakmoss, and a hint of sandalwood. Place in common areas or living room for a refreshing and calming feel.


#3 - Mystic Falls Candle

Bay leaf and fir needle with hints of tobacco, cedarwood and bergamot. This is a unique mix blend that's definitely worth the try. This masculine scent creates a safe and comforting environment that lifts and soothes the mood.


#4 -  Wildflower Candle

Floral and light honey scent that fills the room with sophisticated and warm feeling. Produces a healing and soothing state of mind.


What scent would you choose for a relaxing day?

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