Soy Candles: 7 Things First Time Buyers Should Know

It's 'Work From Home' season, again! If this is your first time looking for WFM candles, you might be a little overwhelmed with the choices. In this article, we will breakdown each of the...

It's 'Work From Home' season, again! If this is your first time looking for WFM candles, you might be a little overwhelmed with the choices. In this article, we will breakdown each of the most common questions in mind to help you better decide if soy candles may suit you best.

1. What are soy candles?

Soy Candles are basically candles made from soy wax. But do take note that, not all candles are made equal. Every company has their own different blend of candle waxes. The 3 most common candle waxes are paraffin, soy and beeswax. Soy wax is considered a natural & healthy alternative to paraffin which may produce harmful particles into the air upon burning. When a company claims that their candles are pure soy candles, meaning only soy wax is used in producing the candle.


2. How are soy candles made?

Is making soy wax candles environmental-friendly? Yes! Soy wax derives from a sustainable & renewable source.

Soy candles are made by heating up soy wax into liquid form. Then, incorporating either fragrance oils or essential oils into the wax. The soy wax mixture is then poured into jar, vessels or a candle mold. 

3. Are soy candles toxic?

Can soy candle make you sick? No. But it also depends if you're actually burning soy candles and not other candle waxes. Check your candle labels for ' Natural Soy Wax'.  

First, we need to take a look at what the industry means by non-toxic. In the early days, most candles are made from paraffin which emits black soot and toxic fumes. It was also common to find lead in your wicks.

Now, most modern candle company has either shifted to soy wax or natural cotton wicks. This makes soy wax candles 100% non-toxic.

4. What are 'Phthalates'?

Some fragrance oils contain phthalate which might cause negative health issues. To be safe, our candles are only made with 100% phthalate-free fragrance oils.

Another alternative would be to find candles infused with essential oils. While, essential oils are 100% natural, they are not effective scents for candles. On the other hand, fragrance oils that's formulated for candles are safer, has more variety of scents and are also non-toxic.

5. What's frosting on soy candles?

If you've noticed some soy candles may have some frosting. Your candles are very sensitive to temperature, any changes may cause the candle to frost. This is a natural occurrence and one of the characteristics of natural soy wax. 

6. How to burn soy candles?

Now that you've made up your mind on which candles suits you best. The ultimate question is here. How do I light them?

When lighting up your soy candle for the first time, make sure to let it burn for atleast 2 hours. This allows your candle to form a full meltpool and avoid your candle tunneling down the middle. When you're done with them, just snuff them out using your candle jar lids. 


7. Will my candle smell as good as in store?

A good thing when buying your candles online is that you can check out the product reviews. Some soy candles may smell good in stores but has a weak hot scent throw. There might be several reasons to this problem occurring.

Sometimes this has to do with your room size. Are you lighting a small candle in a big living room area? Is there a nearby window open that might suck out all the scent?

However, weak scent throw may be mostly due to the candle properties itself. Some candle brands that uses essential oils may only be minimally scented due to their price. Another reason may be due to the type of wick the candle company uses is not burning the candle properly. 

"Always buy your soy candles from a reputable candle brand for better quality."


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