6 Tips To Make Your Scented Candles Smell Stronger

6 Tips To Make Your Scented Candles Smell Stronger

We all have that moments when we bought candles that smell great in stores and when we get home and light them, it doesn’t really smell like anything at all....

We all have that moments when we bought candles that smell great in stores and when we get home and light them, it doesn’t really smell like anything at all. Well, my friends, if you’re facing this issue, you’re not alone. 

So how can you make sure that the candle you’re buying will smell good when lighted in your home? The only way to know for sure it to light them out. Ofcourse, that would mean purchasing the candles first beforehand.

In this guide, we want to share a few tips that can help you make your newly-bought scented candles perform better and give out a better hot throw.

Scented Candles in open space

1. Light your candles for atleast 2 hours on the first burn.

We know sometimes relaxing time is scarce. But make sure to burn those scented candles for atleast 2 hours so it reaches a full melt pool. Especially when you’re burning soy candles. This allows your candles to release enough fragrance to fill the room with the scent. 

Also by ensuring your candle burns atleast 2 hours on the first burn ensures that your candle doesn't tunnel down the center and waste the wax.


2. Try curing your scented candles.

Basically, curing your candles means to just leaving your candles for a period of time before re-burning them again. Sometimes, you might have bought a fresh batch of candles which might haven’t gotten enough time to cure. 

Letting your candles sit before burning them also allows the scented oils within your candle to disperse more evenly throughout the candle and increase their performance.

The industry standard of curing ranges from a minimum of 1-2 weeks. However, due to uncontrollable factors such as temperature, your candle might still need extra time to be completely cured and ready to burn. 

So if you don’t find your scented candles performing that great, you might want to try putting them away for awhile and re-visit them later. 


3. Try a smaller room.

The size of your room determines the strength of your candle. Obviously you might need more than one candles to fill up the entire living room space, but if you only have one candle handy maybe move it to a smaller room so you can enjoy the scent. 

Remember, the wider your candle is, the bigger the pool. So for a bigger room, you might want to find candles that has a larger brim. That's because a taller candle can give you more burning time, but a wider candle gives off better scent. 

Also, remember to allow your candles to burn for another minimum of 2 hours to fill out the room. The candles won't just magically smell stronger right after shifting to a smaller room.


4. Clear your room of odor.

Candles releases fragrance into the air. But it won't be able to mask out odors in your room. Make sure that you regularly open your windows to let fresh air replenish your rooms before lighting your candles. Be sure that your dirty clothes are thrown into the washer and not trapping odors that might cause your candles to decrease in performance.

Think of your room as a canvas. A neat, tidy & clean room would be the best to light up your scented candles. If not, you might reconsider getting room mist or air fresheners as they give off a stronger and more powering scent. 


5. Switch up your scents regularly.

If your an avid lover of florals, you might want to try other scent families from time to time. As much as you might love a certain scent, your ol'factory might eventually get used to the scent. 

Having a different scent for different rooms also helps you experience your scented candles better. So having strong floral scents in the living room and soothing woody scent in the bedroom might extend the scent when your walking from room to room. 


6. You haven't lighted it enough times.

Sometimes it might just be because you haven't lighted your scented candles enough to allow the candle to perform. Understand that your scented candles are made by melting solid wax and infusing fragrance oils/ essential oils that gives the smell that it puts out.

As some fragrance oils may be denser than soy wax, some of it may seep to the bottom when first lighted up. Hence, your candle will perform better as you gradually burn it over time. 

So, just remember to light your candles for a minimum of 2 hours on the first burn to allow it to reach a full melt pool before putting them out.

On an additional note, if you find that your candles aren't performing as you expect, snuff them out and re-light them after a few hours. Keep in mind that burning for long periods of time won't make the scent stronger. 

After that, you should be able to experience a better scent throw on your subsequent burns!



1. Light your candles atleast 2 hours on the first burn to ensure enough scent is spread through the room.
2. Cure your candles by setting it aside for a few days to a week before revisiting them again.
3. Try a smaller room for your candles as they might not be able to fill up a large space.
4. Open up a window to clear out the space of odor prior to lighting your candles.
5. Switch your scents regularly, so you don't get too used to a particular scent.
6. Light your candles more times to allow it to perform better on subsequent burns.

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