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12 Mildly Infuriating Things | Barn & Jones

"You had one job!" These are 12 midly infuriating things that just summarizes our daily lives. 

#12 This No Smoking Sign

No Smoking Pies

"No smoking pies allowed."

#11 This Sofa Cushion

sofa chair

"This is annoying me as i sit here waiting for food, where there is no other free seats in the busy pub."

#10 Microsoft! Again?

microsoft update

"Wanted a quick restart. Now I need to sit here doing nothing for the next 5 minutes."

#9 This Pillarpillar

#8 That One Different Color Glass Panel

#7 This Pavement

pavement OCD incomplete

"You had one job!"

#6 This Off-Centered Strawhole

off centered strawhole

#5 This Manhole Cover

manhole cover OCD

"Please! Put it back, you monsters."

#4 USB Cables

"Once it took me 8 flips before it was right."

#3 The Petrol Station Meter

"Why do I never get it perfectly?"

#2 This Elevator Lift

"Only the level 4 button is on the right."

#1 This Electrical Socket

"When 2 is actually only 1."


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