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New Arrivals : Sleepy Hallows & Sacred Garden

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Based on 48 reviews
Moon Shrine Candle
Nah Coo Yee (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
good scent

the scent is relaxing

Northern Lights Candle
Lalina Priya Murugan (Kuala Lumpur, MY)

Northern Lights Candle

Moon Shrine Candle
Azian Esa (Shah Alam, MY)
Moon Shrine & wildflower

Gave this for my friends’ birthday and they really love it. The smells are soothing & calming.

Mystic Falls Candle
Lisa Rad (Petaling Jaya, MY)
Amazing scent

The candles were nicely packaged. Would have make a lovely gift. The scents are not over powering. Quite nice for relaxation purposes

Sleepy Hallows Travel Candle
Josephine Leela V Damodaram (Puchong Batu Dua Belas, MY)
Absolutely heavenly

The fragrance is so soothing, calming and fresh. Totally love it

Moon Shrine Candle
Zy Masri (Petaling Jaya, MY)
I bet this is what kindness smells like:)

I must say that I totally love the plastic-free packaging and the delivery was super FAST! the scent was utterly blissful and romantic ! but the high point is the scent itself! its kinda feel like a deep long hug after a long day at work:'( been lighting up this candle whenever i feel sad and it engulfs me with so much kindness and hope :') tq barn n jones! looking forward for your future awesome creations !

Northern Lights Candle
NJ (Putrajaya, MY)
sweet, fresh and calming <3

whenever i lit the candle, it transport me to serenity state. its invigorating smell has the power to calm your day. definitely will repurchase!

Wildflower Candle
Clemence Agnes (Kuala Lumpur, MY)

Wildflower Candle

Mystic Falls Candle
Dar Shini (Sungai Buloh, MY)
My kind of candle

The tobacco hint literally gets me high. Best candle ever no caps. Would be even better if they used wooden wicks tbh.

Sleepy Hallows Candle
Dena Tan (Batu Pahat, MY)
Best Essential for reducing stress and anxiety

Love the scent...such like linked to the sea breeze and relaxation. The fragrance brings me to immerse into the oceanic, separate on the surface but connected on the deep...

Moon Shrine Travel Candle
Shailaja Sannasey (Kota Kinabalu, MY)
Nothing yet

I haven't received the product, so I have nothing to say yet.

Just one of a kind.

Alpine Trails will forever be my favorite from B&J. The scent is rare and comforting, also fits to my liking too! Overall, I would say their candles smells exquisite. Keep up the good work B&J :)

Mystic Falls Candle
Beatrice P. (Petaling Jaya, MY)
Absolutely lovely! Just bought my 3rd jar!

Just want to say that I've tried lots of other candle brands and this is by far my favorite candle scent of all time. It definitely has a unique earthy woody scent that fills up my room amazingly. 5 stars!

Wildflower Candle
Shafiqa Nurlis Yazit (Kuala Lumpur, MY)


Wildflower Candle
Rodziah Ahmad (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Nice smell

It is fresh and gives me an uplifting mood. ❤️

Alpine Trails Candle
Intan (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Alpine Trails scent reminds me of ..

I’ve stayed in Colorado before for many years surrounded by scenic views of nature. When i lit Alpine Trails, i just love the smell so much and how it triggered fond memories of Colorado.

Alpine Trails Travel Candle
Ruslinda Zakaria (Slim River, MY)

Very nice smell

Alpine Trails Candle
Alex Chai (Petaling Jaya, MY)
Fast Delivery & Love The Scent!

The scent is fresh and makes my bedroom smell like an alpine forest. Delivery was prompt and it arrived in a neatly bubble-wrapped packaging too.

Mystic Falls Candle
Rodziah Ahmad (Kuala Lumpur, MY)

The smile is nice!

Love it!

Love the smell so much!

Moon Shrine Candle
K.A. (Berlin, DE)
How contentment smells like

I'm not really someone who could recognise subtle notes in scents or whatever it is but I could explain it. You know the feeling when you arrived in your room after checking in at an upscale beach resort? That distinct, comforting scent? When you lie down in bed you could smell it seeped into your pillows and bedsheets and it instantly relaxes you? This is the best way I could describe how this candle smells like. It's not overpowering, just enough to make you feel content like a cat after a meal. 🥰

Moon Shrine Candle
Hannah T. (Petaling Jaya, MY)
Reminds me of the beach holidays

Nice.. I love fruity scents, so this definitely suits my taste... its very lovely thanks

Alpine Trails Candle
H.T. (Petaling Jaya, MY)
A very unique scent

Soft, soothing and comforting. Smells like plants in a jar. I love how soft it is because i have a sensitive nose. Recommended.

Wildflower Candle
Lena Wong (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Such a soothing scent

Relief my stress

Northern Lights Travel Candle
Sofya Khan (Kota Kinabalu, MY)

Thank you for wrapping the item nicely. The smell is wonderful and the travel tin is so nice. It smells really sweet.